Online Jazz Classes

Typical elements of jazz dance are isolation movements, precise leg, arm and foot movements, breathtaking jumping techniques and twists within a diverse and energetic dance style.

Ages 5-6 Jazz/Hiphop

Our combination jazz and hiphop classes are very fun and upbeat classes to introduce two styles of dance designed for young children. Starting with cardio and isolations to warm up the body, you will then will learn basic technique of a jazz syllabus. Each class will end with dance choreography involving both jazz and hiphop moves, exploring movement and rhythm in an entertaining and upbeat way.

* Tuition is billed monthly

Ages 7-16 Jazz

Jazz dancing is a form that showcases a dancer's originality. Jazz dance classes will include techniques from a jazz syllabus as well as jazz dance choreography each week exploring different elements, moods and styles of jazz.

* Tuition is billed monthly

Adult Jazz

Aimed at adult dancers of all abilities, adult jazz classes include engaging choreographed dances each week exploring different elements, moods and styles of jazz. Taking the Technique: Dance Foundations (either prerequisite or concurrently) is recommended for beginners. This is a great way to try out jazz, have fun and get flexible all from the comfort of your own home.

* Tuition is billed monthly

Technique: Tricks, Leaps, Turns, Floor work In our Dance Technique class you will be taught individual moves and tricks that would be used in a lyrical, contemporary or jazz dance routine. Categories of these moves include leg tricks, leaps across the floor, pirouettes and turns, and floor work.

Technique: Stretch Stretch class includes a series of poses designed to improve flexibility and strength. We focus on learning how to control our muscles and find our balance, which will benefit all styles of dance.

Technique: Dance Foundations Almost like a gallery of dance moves, the dance foundations class breaks down technique and explains in detail how to execute fundamental dance moves. This is class of building blocks designed for beginner dancers of all ages.

Private Classes

For students of all ages and abilities who want to advance quickly and build their skills, strength, technique and balance in a one-on-one environment. 30- or 60- minute time slots are available.

Our Dancers Say ...

Brianna's choreography is very inclusive and accessible for all dancers - skilled or new. She explains the moves in a way that makes it easier to follow and to remember, and she makes sure that she is always educating us on proper technique (especially with stretches!). Brianna recognizes each individual's strengths and makes sure that they are challenged and pushed so that they can continue to grow and better themselves. Brianna's love for dance is obvious - her classes are always fun, upbeat, and positive, and you always leave with a smile. I hadn't danced for three years when I first joined her classes, but she made the transition back to it easy, and I truly can't imagine not dancing anytime in the near future. Thank you for sharing your passion with us, Brianna!

- Hailey

Our Dancers Say ...

From dancing alongside each other as high school students, to taking Miss Brianna's adult classes, her devotion and passion for dance has always stood out. As an athlete with little to no formal dance training, Brianna gave me the confidence to explore my own dance journey. Her teaching goes beyond dance moves; it integrates passion, creativity and self-expression with outstanding choreography, guidance and constructive feedback.

Now with her online dance studio, everyone has the opportunity to join an incredible community, with extraordinary teachers. Brianna's sensational dance world will know no limits- as we can literally take her dance classes with us wherever we go!

- Emma-tyme
Adult online dancer


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