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Learn the Dance that has all of Chatham-Kent moving!

The Gift shows us all who Chatham-Kent residents really are. We are committed to making sure that everyone has an amazing holiday and winter season for 2020. Celebrate with your community by learning and sharing this dance with your friends and family!

What To Do

  1. Watch it

    The first video below is the online class that will teach you the dance. You can download it to watch it offline if you wish, share it with residents and friends who do not have internet access.

  2. Learn it

    Watch it as many times as you need. This is a pre-recorded video, so you can pause, replay, rewind, and review as needed. Go back and focus in on the parts that are tricky for you.

  3. Add to it

    Make it your own! Add a flourish here, a funny face there, fancier steps or moves if that feels right for you. Find a friend or two and practice together. Make it a group dance. If you would like some suggestions or ideas for how you can add to the dance, please email us. We would love to hear from you.

  4. Record it

    Shoot video of yourself doing the dance. Get creative! choose a fun location so the background stands out. Choose an amazing or silly costume (some folks are going to wear the ugliest christmas sweaters they can find). Please record the horizontal way (landscape) to make it easier for us to compile everyone's videos into one huge mashup of all of Chatham-Kent dancing together.

    If you would rather, just snap a picture, strike your best dance pose in a wonderful location and email us. You might get featured on our website!

  5. Share it

    To get your video or picture included in the final product (we want hundreds of you to send us your dances) Email us a WeTransfer link by November 21, 2020. WeTransfer is free, and one of the easiest ways to transfer large video files. Most smart phones can upload directly to WeTransfer. If you have any technical questions please don't hesitate to email us

    Also, post your video to social media so all your friends can see what an amazing job you are doing. Make sure to include a link to this page so they can get in on the action also. Challenge co-workers or other groups. Use tags: @ascensiondancechatham #thegiftck #ckont #chathamkent and whatever community, area, or group you are supporting.


Learn the Dance!

Deadline Reminder

If you want your video included in the final collection of all of Chatham-Kent dancing together, we need you to send it to us by November 21, 2020.

Here's the music we are dancing along with:

Thank You for Joining the Celebration!

It's people just like you that make Chatham-Kent an amazing place to live and visit and do business. Thank you so much!

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