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Online and in-studio dance classes for all ages

What type of class is best for you?

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In-Studio Dance Classes
9 month season

Dance lessons offer the benefits of physical activity combined with the arts, all while having a great time! Build your physical literacy through dance: improve flexibility, balance, cognitive awareness and strength. Explore various styles of dance and find confidence along the way. Recreational dance classes are available for all ages and abilities. Have fun, learn skills, and build relationships in a welcoming family atmosphere of inclusion and support.

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One-on-one lessons
Flexible scheduling

Private dance classes with our talented instructors in our studio. This is the fastest way to advance your technique and build confidence. Weekly or bi-weekly lessons with focused attention, feedback and encouragement.

Private lessons can be regular, or scheduled as needs arise.

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Online Dance Classes
1 month sessions

Weekly online dance class videos delivered every Monday morning. Join in, practice, re-watch as often as you like through the week. Learn new techniques each week, and fun dances. Become part of the Ascension family and get to know other dancers in the same class. Online dance classes are available for all ages and abilities. Choose from Ballet Class, Jazz Dance Class, Hiphop Class, Tap Dance Class, Musical Theatre Dance Class and Lyrical Dance Class

Our Dancers Say ...

Brianna is a phenomenal teacher and accomplished dancer. When teaching she is not only professional, patient and creative, she incorporates humour creating a very relaxed atmosphere. Regardless of age, ability, and talent she has an uncanny way of making her students feel like beautiful dancers. So looking forward to her new avenue is dance instruction, she is a GEM.... irreplaceable!

- Sheila

Our Dancers Say ...

Not only is Brianna a super fun instructor, but she is extremely patient and kind. She is willing to help in any way she can and goes above and beyond for her students. She is positive, enthusiastic and a joy to work with.

- Kenzie

Our Dancers Say ...

I have been dancing for 8 years off and on with Brianna but her classes where always exciting and fun . Love personality and her dance style. Brianna has given me recommendations for classes that will help with my current back condition and feel honoured with her help.

- Danica (Age 11)

Dance Styles

What type of dance will you sign up for?

Ballet Classes


Ballet Classes

Ballet is a classical dance form demanding grace and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement.

Jazz Classes


Jazz Classes

Jazz dance includes isolation movements, precise leg, arm and foot movements, breathtaking jumping techniques and twists within a diverse and energetic dance style.

Tap Classes


Tap Classes

With two metal plates attached to the front and back of the shoes, tap dance uses precise foot and hand motions to create rhythmic sounds that match the visual impression and the music.

Hiphop Classes


Hiphop Classes

Hiphop routines are choreographed to contemporary music, using dance styles like, hip hop, funk, freestyle, street dance, or music video type dances.

Lyrical / Contemporary Classes


Lyrical Classes

Lyrical or contemporary dance uses poetic expressive movement to interpret the music while demonstrating emotion, balance, extension, control and technique.
Lyrical / Contemporary

Musical Theatre Classes

musical theatre

Musical Theatre Classes

The musical theatre dance style portrays an idea, theme or character. Inspiration may be taken from a musical stage production, movie or television production.
Musical Theatre

Ascension Dance Rises Above

The world has changed and at Ascension Dance we're ready for the challenge! We have launched a brand new dance studio for this brand new world. Keeping safe distances and proper contact-less protocls mean that the large production dance numbers with partner work and lifts are not possible for the time being. But people need dance classes to keep their bodies moving and brains active. We have created online dance classes for adults and online dance classes for kids focused on curriculum to make sure that everyone can have fun, move, and grow. None of us can predict the future even as studios start to re-open in careful ways. We are positioning ourselves to make the best of the situation we are in, and be ready to engage with whatever comes next.

Online Classes

We have drilled down to the basics of making dance classes fun and accessible, building technique, improving strength, flexibility and balance, and creating community. Social distancing and awareness of people's health and safety have changed the way we look at dance classes. Though we know that in-person is still the best way to learn dance and build relationships with each other and instructors, studios have also created hurdles and barriers for some people. Online dance classes mean that you can try out a course in the safety of your own home without thinking about who might be watching you. People with all abilities will feel welcome to engage as much as they are capable of without any judgement.

While re-organizing curriculum for our online dance classes we have heightened our focus on techinque for all levels of dancers. We want all students to build good foundations and a love for dance no matter what their goals are. We are trying to break down the separation between recreation and competitive dancers, all deserve to build skills and be great dancers.

Online Dance Classes for Adults

Previously the only adult dance classes in Chatham were scheduled later on weekday evenings to work around busy schedules. Our pre-recoreded online classes allow our adult students to watch (and re-watch) throughout the week whenver they want. We listened to you, and will be providing online adult classes going forward in our hybrid model. Now you can learn to dance in the comfort of your own home at your own pace and schedule.

Online Dance Classes for Children

Most studios provided online classes just to finish out their 2020 season. We recreated online classes from the ground up so that we can continue to offer them going forward. Rather than trying to re-create in-studio lessons we have created curriculum that works well in small spaces. Many parents are concerned with keeping their social bubbles small and are keeping their children home from school. Online dance classes work very well to keep your social groups small while still providing students a chance to dance, build technique, increase flexibility, improve strength and endurance, and boost confidence.

In-Person Classes

It has always been important for us to be able to provide in-studio dance classes in Chatham and the surrounding area. We are working hard to comply with local by-laws as well as going over and above to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our classes are limited to 11 students each to ensure proper social distancing protocls. We have fewer of our youngest dancers, limiting to only 8 students in our dance classes for toddlers.

We are responding to the needs of our students by offering in-studio courses during the day as well as afternoons and evenings. Home-schooling families appreciate this flexibility so that they can keep their evenings available for family time and other activities.

Come dance with us at Ascension Dance. Get to know yourself and us, get your body moving, fall in love with dancing, and find out that you belong in this community.

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